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Dear researchers, artists and art-lovers,

The definition Music and Performing Arts, states a broad extent in the sense of stating all the branches under the establishments giving art education. The rapid alteration and transformation in art makes the art tutors stay vigorous constantly, follow the innovations and produce new ideas. At the present time, these ideas are being discussed in the aspects of art and art education  and new art education processes are being pursued in parallel to these artistic developments. This symposium aims to evaluate all topics with a scientific perspective in the fields of music and performing arts in the sense of being an alternative platform where these thoughts can be discussed.

In this symposium, organised in the 10th Foundation Anniversary of Bulent Ecevit University State Conservatory, it is aimed to bring up the actual situation of art and art education , new viewpoints and solution offers for the problems and to enhance the interaction between the experts of the subject matter by reflecting the point where art came to, its developmental process, education and practice extend and the interdisciplinary views and by discussing the social and cultural bases of art and the ways of integrating it to the academic structure. The topics of the “Quest”-themed symposium are determined as “Actual Situation, Standard Processes And The New Approaches, In Art Education of Music and Perfoming Arts In National and International Platform”

In this symposium, besides paper and poster presentations, we include a field entitled “Stage Performances” where artists and researchers can practically display  different approaches, new methods and technics aimed at stage performances and education process. In this field, our expectation from artists and researchers is to ensample new methods and  technics in art field with a maximum 15 minutes stage performance. Audience will be able to view the subtext of the new approach beforehand the performance.

We would happily host the artists, researchers and art-lovers in Zonguldak on the dates of 24-26 September 2014 and I wish success to all participants.


Ass. Prof. Dr. Ilker KOMURCU

                                                                                                         Bulent Ecevit University                                                                                                           Dean of State Conservator